Not Sure About this Nudism Thing?

Full Disclosure - I'm definitely NOT qualified for the "Young Nudist" forum, but I can still remember when I was thinking about dipping my young toes into nudism/naturism.

I just want to encourage any young people out there who're considering "trying" the nudist lifestyle to go ahead and give it a try. I was extremely shy as a boy. I wore long pants and long sleeve shirts as much as possible. I didn't even like anyone outside of my immediate family seeing me in my pajamas, much less anything less. My brother and parents never even saw me in my undies past about age 6, much less naked.

But a couple of things happened in my family life, and I discovered that it really was kind of fun going around the house with nothing on! Standing in the kitchen making a PBJ while the sun shined through the windows on my naked buns - cool! I started sleeping nude about age 12. The point is, I tried it - a little at a time. That's what I'm recommending to you. Just try it at home. Start by sleeping naked - it is SO much more comfortable, no pulling and tugging due to the friction between your pajamas and the sheets! If you're home alone, try it! Grab a book or magazine (or your tablet) and just sit in the living room and read - just like you always do - but with nothing on. I'm sure you'll find it very relaxing ONCE you get over your nerves.

Eventually, you'll try the great outdoors. For me, it was the Superstition Mountains east of Phoenix, Arizona. A jug of red wine, a loaf of bread from the bakery, a good book (no tablet back then) and one naked 20-year-old! Ahh, that was the life, I'm tellin' ya!

So, stop THINKING about it and take the plunge! Oh, yeah, that's another thing. If you have a pool you just MUST go skinny dipping! I only got to do it once (when I was 14) and I never forgot it - a wonderful sensation.

OK, my rant is over. Make the call. And post here how you feel as you're entering this new life style! Bonne chance!

a.k.a. CuriousNow - an ancient but enthusiastic naturist

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RE:Not Sure About this Nudism Thing?

Bump, this is good advice, I started young but my last thing to do with nudism was like 16, 31 now and I'm ready to kick off, slow n steady wins the race, each time I'm gonna go bigger and better

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