Back in the 70s and 80s we didnt think twice about showering together, swimming nude, changing, being nude in the sauna, etc with other men. There were always some who were more shy than others, for some maybe it was very difficult. But for me and those I knew, it was a natural part of life. We were not self-conscious of our nudity. If we thought someone took a sexual interest in our bodies, well we didnt worry so much about it as long as they didnt act on it to make us uncomfortable. Then men became objectified, media presented men as just sexual objects as they had done with women, including to one another. Then we became self-conscious. Are we too fat, to small, too weak, etc. We are all possible sex partners for everyone else, we must be judged by some ideal created by an ad agency or porn studio. The innocence was gone. How can we, or can we, ever recover some sense of balance?

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