I've given up finding women on this site.

I have had bad experiences trying to connect with women on this site. There are obvious posts by women who blatantly advertise that they are call girls. There are others that have ordinary-looking profiles who really call girls. I connected with a girl who called me Love And Dear or Honey, terms that should only be used in an established relationship. She didn't tell much about herself but posted sexy pictures and wanted to text all day as if I had nothing else to do. Then she said I need to get her a birthday present. Bye, Bye. I blocked her.

Another lady went on and on following the script saying how she had a good sense of humor and is looking for a soul mate. She also asked what I am looking for in a woman. Do women talk like that to a guy in a bar or next door? To find a soul mate interact with a guy and see if something happens. If you have a sense of humor then say something funny. You interact with a woman and see if you click. After a long exchange on this site, I knew very little about her then she wanted me to go to Hangouts. Even after I explained that I had enough social media taking up time in my life and text or e-mail is just fine.

I connected with a woman in the same town. We started texting. The person sent a picture of a stunning girl, it was hard to tell if she matched the face obscured picture on this site. Everything was going swimmingly well then all of a sudden she turned sour. She asked to see my driver's license. I covered the number and sent a blurred copy. I said that is personal information and I don't give that out to strangers because they could be scammers. If I was a fake why would I have sent a picture of a house plant? She complained about the blurry picture. I sent a link to my website and a picture of my Instagram profile to prove that I was real and suggested a place to meet. She seemed to want to meet. I sent a text saying that If I did not get a confirmation for the suggested time then I wouldn't be there and using my sense of humor said it would be her loss. She was insulted by that comment. Ok maybe the comment was wrong but why would I have intentionally insulted someone who I was trying to be friends with? After a few hours of no further contact, I looked up asking for a license and sent a cut and paste of a reason why not to. Then I blocked her. It was her loss. One reason is that a scammer would probably have a fake one, and two that it tells you nothing about how the person will treat you.

I got a reminder of why I gave up on dating sites. I will no longer try to make friends with any woman here ever again.

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RE:I've given up finding women on this site.

Simple, this isnt a dating site.

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RE:I've given up finding women on this site.

Actually it is considered a dating site. The profile set up supports that.

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RE:I've given up finding women on this site.

Actually it is considered a dating site. The profile set up supports that.

No one really knows what kind of site this is. This is supposed to be a nudist site, yet there are only a handful of genuine nudists here. This is supposed to be a social site, yet most people keep adding friends and yet will never speak with them or reply to a message sent to them. The same people seem to join one group after another only to never say or contribute anything to those groups. There is also a chat room yet the same few people are the only ones who ever say anything. The vast majority never say one word. Some say this is not a dating site yet who would ever date such people? Why a person would be completely desperate or crazy to want to date women who most likely are old men posing as women, or scammers, or just plain nasty men hating women. If things are that bad for some people then they would be much better off going out on a date with a mannequin:

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At least this way there is 100% satisfaction guarantee! Who could ask for more?

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