Gaea Retreat Center in Kansas City

We plan to visit family in Kansas City this year so I've been searching for nudist venues in the area.
In my search, I discovered the Gaea Retreat Center, a spiritual wellness location just outside of town where nudity is acceptable and common.
It looked like a nice place for a day trip and a nude hike.
Has anyone been there? What was it like? Can you swim in the lake? Have you camped there?
There were some mentions of it in old posts but it was 5 years ago and those who commented are no longer active here.
I would love to hear from anyone who has been there. The internet information is limited.

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RE:Gaea Retreat Center in Kansas City

Haven't been there. But did visit Praire Haven near Topeka last month. Very nice and friendly resort.

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RE:Gaea Retreat Center in Kansas City

Never heard of it, but looks like a great place for some nude hiking.

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