Foley area get together

Hey all,
Over the past few years and still being fairly new to the nudist lifestyle, weve found that our local area is very limited in events, locations, and opportunities to get together with other like minded individuals for any nudist activities.
Wed like to meet more people in person and build new friendships with others in our area. With that in mind, who would be interested in a gathering for perhaps a weekend to do activities, play games, and build relationships?
We would be willing to host some events at our place. We have two spare rooms, two blow up mattresses, and are cool with folks crashing at our place. We also have a hot tub, a PlayStation, and tons of board games!
Ideally we could hit the beach as a group (Perdido beach has a secluded unofficial clothing optional area), maybe take a trip to Rivera or CampOut Alabama for the pools or trails, or even just hangout at the house.
This is something Id like to plan for so maybe a month or so out from now. Gives plenty of time for us to arrange a larger group of people! So, if anyone is interested or has any ideas/suggestions, please reach out to me!!
We live in Magnolia Springs Alabama which is near Foley and Mobile and only 45 min from Pensacola Florida. Hope to hear from others soon!!

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RE:Foley area get together

You need to send me a message.....we have a nudist Inn in Silverhill.....Look at mt profile pics

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RE:Foley area get together

We are onboard with the get together concept! The Silverhill Bnb is an excellent choice . Gypsy Beach and Fish Nature Camp are also possibilities , although both are technically " closed " . And the Nood Pontoon will ride the waves with the " Pirates of Bon Secour Bay ". In September.

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RE:Foley area get together

Hi Akridge,
A warm place to enjoy nude activities would be fun. I have a newbie nudist girlfriend and would love to introduce her to nude friends. Carnut (Ron in Foley)

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