Caught by Neighbour

This happened a couple of years ago when I was minding my own business reading a book while catching some sunshine in the back garden. The garden was not overlooked due to some shrubs and trees as well as fencing so I felt quite secure being naked in the garden so long as the back gate was locked. As the afternoon heated up I could hear my neighbour singing as she was I presumed pottering around in her garden and remember thinking she sounded happy. Moments later there was sounds of creaking and wood snapping as she fell through her fence as a panel she had leaned against gave way and she landed unceremoniously in my garden. I politely wrapped a towel around myself and went to help her to her feet and check she did not need and medical assistance and at that point she commented about me covering up sayi8ng there was no need as she preferred to sunbathe naturally too and promptly started to undress. I son discovered she was originally from Croatia and that as a family they would often be naked in the house her partner and children too. We discussed a temporary fix to her fence but she said it was okay she get her partner to fix when he comes home later. That afternoon we shared a pot of tea and when her kids came home from school they were really chufed that they could be outdoors naked as well in the house and that was the start of a short but great friendship and many shared nudist experiences with my neighbours . Sadly since then they have relocated to the North of England due to her partners work and such days are mere memories now.

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