RE:Mask and vaxx mandates.

By RosewoodXIX: My feeling is the development was deliberate while the release was accidental, but once released the CCP did not want to suffer without taking the rest of the world along for the ride.I have to agree with Rosewood here. Why is there gain of function research here in the first place? Artificially mutating something deadly to be ultra-deadly doesn't sound like science but rather, something an evil mastermind would to in an attempt to take over the world in some super hero movie.
Yes, deliberately developed but accidently escaping prematurely. Then, in order to prevent it from crippling one world power, It needed to be spread throughout the world in order to keep the world power playing field level. Spread it quickly, deny everything. Limit the dispersion of ppe to. the rest of the world to ensure maximum spread.
Are they all in cahoots with each other? Letting hundreds of thousands of unvaxed over the US border and transporting them all over the country with zero concern with the threat it poses on the rest of the nation. Threatening to fire so many essential workers who don't take the jab. The very people that are needed to combat it and to keep order when chaos breaks out. All done under the disguise of public safety.
But this isn't a horror movie, it's real.
So when does a hero come on the scene to stop it all? Sadly, big brother and the media seem to be leading the ignorant masses by the nose ring right to the slaughter house while those of us that that try to expose it are just a bunch of loony conspiracy theorists. It's not like a crazy Randy Quade character from "Independence Day" is going to fly into the mouth of the beast and blow it up so harmony can return to the world.
No! Hang on to your seats kids, this ride is far from over. This is all about power and control, nothing more! Your health be damned!

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RE:Mask and vaxx mandates.

Oh, but then there is the one-two punch! Critical Race Theory. Pitting one group against another so we are no longer individuals but lumped into groups, even parents against children and vise versa. Soccer moms are now domestic terrorists. Vaxed against unvaxed. Limiting freedoms! Divide and conquer! Can we not see how absolutely crazy this is becoming?
And how does it effect society if energy is limited and prices soar. Or leaving thousands of container ships floating off the coast to create shortages that don't really exist? Is it all testing the waters for some future grand scheme? Or is it that people like me who analyze everything that is happening everywhere we look are just nutty. Why is chaos purposely allowed to flourish, even fanning the flames.
There is some scary stuff going on in the world today. Part of me hopes I am nutty. But the evidence keeps piling up and too few are asking why or willing to challenge the absurd reality of what is happening all around us!
At least I can still be naked in my back yard!

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RE:Mask and vaxx mandates.

No reason to take an experimental vaccine that offers no protection from anything.

Also the only way to end Covid is to ignore it. Stop testing for it, stop mandating anything, and the government must strip the protections from the vaccine manufactures.

Then we still be free.

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RE:Mask and vaxx mandates.

Oh boy. I was trying to raise a bit the level and here they come. The Messianic people who know it all. Vaxxer, antivaxxer, all the same religion, just different church.

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RE:Mask and vaxx mandates.

The end is near! lol

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RE:Mask and vaxx mandates.

Its the stuff of Mad Max
Im not Vaxed
My wife is due to work insistence
We have children
The majority of folk are ok loosing their rights gradualy
Like f sheep
Find a nice place
Get naked
Try and loose yourself in a nice dream :)
Forget this shit show :(

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