Caught Naked at Work

Being a lifelong nudist there is one thing for sure I can assure you, eventually others will see you naked whether or not it was planned! These are stories of a few memorable moments that I have endured while being caught naked!
Caught naked at work
I am lucky enough to work for myself which gives ample opportunity to enjoy moments of nudity daily. Our facility has an office area adjoining the parking area with a side door entering to the office only. From my office I can hear if a vehicle pulls in and parks although I cannot see them. Employees enter through the main shop door directly into the work area.
Our work week is Monday Thursday and off Friday and weekends. I usually get to the office 2 hours early which provide a daily opportunity to work naked before employees arrive. I have been keeping this schedule for years. Fridays and weekends are considered gold as it affords me a full day to be naked at work if needed. For me there is nothing better than having an entire day at work roaming about freely naked while working. On these three days I also enjoy the drive to work naked, parking naked, and leaving my clothes locked in the vehicle outside for the day, and this morning was no different. Two years ago, around 9:00 AM I was at my desk on a Friday morning enjoying my nude time when I heard a vehicle pull in. Now this is not necessarily alarming as vehicles do pull in and realize we are closed and then leave however, within seconds of hearing a vehicle outside I heard the main shop door open and close and a familiar voice say, Boss, are you in here? My heart skipped several beats as I jumped up from my desk not knowing what to do. I knew I had no clothes and nowhere to hide. Knowing at any second my employee would certainly enter the office to explain why he was here on an off day; my third brain took over and made me bolt out the side office door which goes directly to the parking area outside thinking I could dash over and get my clothes from my car. Wow, I snuck out just in time as he came into the office area to see if I was in. I ran across the parking area and reached to open the car door. Oh Crap, its locked and my keys are in the office! I turned to view prospective hiding places and instantly realized I was not the only person outside! His wife had accompanied him today and was sitting in their vehicle three feet from me staring in astonishment at a naked man, her husbands boss! At this point there is nothing a naked man standing outside in the parking lot three feet from his employees wife can do but smile. I smiled and put my finger in front of my mouth as to say shhhh and crept off to seek shelter around the front of my car. She watched every step I took in utter amazement! Moments later I heard their vehicle crank and leave. I was nervous for the rest of the weekend. Next Monday this employee arrived to tell me he had come by Friday to retrieve a tool he needed at home and looked for me to inform me of this but could not find me. I guess I will never know whether his wife shared seeing a naked man to him or just enjoyed the moment herself! After all, how often do you see a person you know, your husbands boss dashing across the parking area naked! Maybe being the boss does have a few advantages, naked or not!

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RE:Caught Naked at Work

It would probably make for a less interesting story, buy I cannot see myself in a situation like that without having a contingency. That may explain my lack of a story for that situation!

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RE:Caught Naked at Work

I did have a plan! This had worked for years so I had become very comfortable being nude on days the employees were not present- which is the reason for this story! As a lifelong nudist I have others I will share soon....

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