What to do with this group?

I obviously do not intend to upload pics of my photo ID. Also, did never intend to be bullied into uploading pics with my face and my body visible on this site full of bugs and with unethical idiotic admins. So this change does't mean much for me.

This group will likely die its own death and will remain as old garbage on a minor nudist.

I could:
- Option 1. Delete the group entirely. It would probably be the humane way.
- Option 2. Delete my pics and my topics - but I launched a vast majority of the 214 topics so there would be little left.
- Option 3. Only delete my pics, who cares about the topics, nobody reads them anyway. I've already deleted most of my pics, need a bit more time to scrap them all.

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RE:What to do with this group?

OK, deleted all my pics. There are still over 500 pics of other ladies left in the group so it would probably not be fair for the authors to delete them all by deleting the group.

Will try to visit once a month or so unless it's getting too boring (not that it was fascinating to begin with).

Oh, and I still prefer a fun, smart fake profile to a certified idiot.

Have fun if you can.

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RE:What to do with this group?

I have to say I am very confused. I have read the new rules and find it very simple. I had a bar pop up at the bottom of my screen asking if I was 18, I clicked yes---that's it!!! No-one asked for my drivers license or other form of ID. To test this I have uploaded a nude photo in the gallery just to prove It works. I think a lot of very high strung people are freaking out for nothing. All I had to do is say I was 18!!!!!

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RE:What to do with this group?

I thought the certification process was a simple was to verify that people are who they say they are. Unless Tallion really is a fat old guy living in Florida be who came across a wonderful collection of an elegant lady's photos, it's not the hard. Even I could do it. Make the sign (I wrote it by hand) and take the two photos. I even peeked from behind my sign so as to not show my complete face. It was accepted.

I didn't have to upload it to my public profile (although some do) and the little gold star has been on my profile ever since.

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RE:What to do with this group?

Love to be mansplained into doing stuff I don't want to do by guys who don't know what they are talking about.

Read. Before. You. Write.

From now on, only certified members can upload pics. It will be fun, you'll see a lot of beer bellies and Internet models.

Already certified members do not have to recertify. I had already decided not to be bullied into showing what I don't want to show to unethical idiots. You believe them that they don't sell data? Bwahahahaha... But don't worry guys, nobody would pay for your naked pics. I am a lifer, they have my credit card info (hope it has expired since), my IP, my face-blurred pics. Not going to give them more.

New certification no longer asks for the nude pic, but for a photo ID instead. I will not humour Mastercard.

Of course, I could Photoshop a cardboard or fake ID info, it's a child's game but this does not amuse me.

And honestly, what exactly for? I'm a lifer, I can still look at ladies' pics if I want, just like most everybody else, and I don't need to upload pics or write stuff which only interests me and nobody else. This group was a big failure, 3-4 girls posting pics and 3-4 guys making short comments on a relatively regular basis.

Oh, and I said I'm an 85 yo gent, I did not say that I'm fat or that I live in Florida. That's two undeserved insults.

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