Bird Island, NC

It has been a beautiful few days on Bird Island. It got me to thinking, why not stage a clothing optional takeover of the section of the beach from just past the mailbox to the state line to protest the lack of clothing optional recreational areas in the state. An early preseason Saturday would work best, say the first Saturday in May. We could put up warning signs like they used to do at Blind Creek Beach. The SBPD & SBFD would be advised ahead of time. The big thing would be to keep things respectful and to make sure all trash was picked up and removed. Thoughts?

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RE:Bird Island, NC

That sounds like a good idea.
But maybe have it closer to the beginning of the reserve as to gain more people becoming aware of the rally.
Also have a table with a petition to sign to officially start a nude beach area?
If it goes over good then maybe set up the table the first Saturday of every month?

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RE:Bird Island, NC

The reason for doing it past the mailbox is to not upset all the Karens that trek out there because of the Nicolas Sparks book. The idea of doing a petition is good. You may have the first shift. Im too selfish to sit at a table on a nice Saturday

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RE:Bird Island, NC

When I first moved to SC, Bird Island was an unofficial clothing optional beach. A great place to shed the bathing suit, relax in the sun or take a refreshing splash in the ocean. Textiles walked the beach unconcerned that nude people were also enjoying the beach,
Then one day, a doctor walked past the large sign, about 4x6 feet, proclaiming that Bird Island was a clothing optional beach and that nude people may be seen. He then wrote to the Brunswick County Board
that he was shocked that his young children had been exposed to seeing nude people.
The Board then issued an order that the County Police would issue tickets to anyone caught nude on the beach and the he sign was replaced by a small sign stating that nude bathing was illegal and offenders would be prosecuted.
At the time, I wrote several letters to the Board requesting that they rescind the order. I did not get the courtesy of a response,

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