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I am physically impaired, a widower and not able to go out to the beach. I practice nudism in my home. I would like to chat with couples and ladies but am barred by most because I classify as a single male. How can I communicate my desire to be a nudist friend ?

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RE:Home nudist

Please accept my condolences for the loss of your wife. As a single male it's hard to call yourself a nudist friend because you will likely be discriminated against. Many resorts (at least here in the Midwest) have this policy: men are only safe if they are escorted by a woman, otherwise they're banned from entry. A resort may make an exception when it's a quiet day, but don't expect that they will welcome you a second time even if you behave like a perfect gentleman. The sting of discrimination in nudism affects not only single men but the future of the whole movement. I think we're better off saying we prefer not to wear clothes than to identify as nudist.

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