Northwest Oregon

We are blessed in NW Oregon to have 3 wonderful resorts and 2 nude (clothing optional) beaches all within easy driving distance. Mountaindale is just west of Portland, Squaw Mountain is near Estacada (they have a super fun music festival in August) and Willamettans is just north of Eugene/Springfield a few miles south. As you can imagine, each is it's own unique experience, all highly recommended. It's fun to see old friends at all three. (^_^)
Collins Beach/Sauvie Island and Rooster Rock are both located on the Oregon side of the Columbia River on opposite sides of Portland.
I've also heard of a few hot springs but am unaware of their current status following the devastating fires.

Of note, Oregon laws are fairly relaxed concerning nudity/nudism as long as one uses common sense and is respectful of others (non-nudies). But then, shouldn't that always be the case?

Be blessed, happy and stay naked. NakeyBear

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