All nude vacation spot

My wife and I have enjoyed many of the nude resorts on the east coast, in MD, WV, VA and FL. They have all been wonderful. However, we are seeking a nude vacation spot where we have a nice beach and can remain naked from our first morning coffee to our final checkout.
We find some of the nicest places have crappy beach reviews and the nicest beaches dont have full nudity or the resort is located elsewhere. I located a place in Mexico that might fit our criteria, called Playa Sonrisa. Anyone ever been or know of another place like this?
We plan on trying Cap DeAgde in France someday, but we want to keep this next trip fairly close. Thank you!

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RE:All nude vacation spot

We havent been there but weve talked to quite a few couples that have and its on our list of places like you describe that we want to go to.Hidden Beach in the Riviera Maya area of Mexico

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