How much time do you send driving nude?

Since last August I have been keeping a log on all the time I spend in the car and how much of that time I am nude.

Living in Southern California it is a given that we all spend a fair amount of time in our cars but I was surprised to see just how much time that is in my case.
The majority of the time is spent in my own 2002 Civic sedan with additional time driving our 2020 CR-V and my company's work truck.

From August 1st 2021 to May 31st 2022 I have driven 20,019 miles in 519 hours and 55 minutes.
Of that time I am proud to say 17,340 miles and 381 hours and 2 minutes was spent completely nude.
That comes out to be 86.6% of the miles and 73.3% of the time was driven without covering.
Just to note, my Civic and the work truck do not have window tint and when I drive nude I mean completely nude from head to toe. I do keep a pair of shorts beside me just in case but I cannot recall when was the last time I actually used them.

I know going to all the trouble of keeping this kind of record may seem odd to say the least, but having been driving for about 50 years and almost all that time sending most of it driving nude I wanted to see just how much time that amounted to.

Tomorrow (06/02/2022) I am looking forward to a nice long drive in that I have to pick up an order for work out in Jurupa Valley. All told this will be about 150 miles.

I cannot imagine anyone else even wanting to keep this kind of record but for those that do a lot of driving, do you have a general idea as to how much of your time is spent nude?

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RE:How much time do you send driving nude?

I actually spend quite a bit of time driving nude. I/we look at it as an extension of our life at home. I was driving naked in between errands and it just got to be too much work putting what little I wore, on and off. I switched that up and work my way from closest errand to furthest errand and when done, slip out of the clothes and drive home naked.

Our motorhome is where I spend the most time driving naked. Just returned from a 600 mile round trip and drove both ways completely nude. Luckily, my full tank of fuel was enough to get us up there and filling up before leaving meant no stops.

Today, I'm thinking of going on an off road, 4x4 ride in my Jeep. My wife is going to have lunch with a close friend or she'd go too. It should be fun. I've done it a few times before and have been able to enjoy a naked lunch out on the trail.

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RE:How much time do you send driving nude?

I have spent a great deal driving nude. Love it.
When I use to travel home from work through the countryside, always coming home from work.

It is strange that when the urge strikes, you just have to pull over and strip.

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RE:How much time do you send driving nude?

My daily commute home is (almost) always naked.

I used to Donald Duck in the mornings, but it's too much hassle for the benefit I get.

Been doing that for maybe 7 years

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