Enjoy Being Nude With Others!

Hello Group,
I came into the nudist scene a bit later in life, but I enjoy it when I get the chance. There are times when at a real nudist/naturist event or gathering that I have been the only one or one of a few minorities in attendance, but I've had no problems nor issues as I've found the nudist/naturist community to be quite welcoming and accepting. Have others found this to be the case? Just wish I had more opportunities to be nude socially with others regardless of background.

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RE:Enjoy Being Nude With Others!

I take the limited number of POC at nudist events / activities in stride. After all we're technically still a minority in the general population. Add to that the economic situation that many nudist resorts are expensive and / or require traveling to get to them. So while there may be a decent population of nudists of color, getting more than a few of us in a given location is not very likely.

And while I do find nudists in general to be very welcoming, another hurdle is some of the clubs, resorts, and organizations themselves. Representation matters. And seeing more than cis gender, heterosexual, Caucasians pictured in their publications and advertisements would help send the message that nudists of color as well as others are welcome. But even when it's pointed out I've found that some of these nudist institutions simply have excuses as to why they can't send a more welcoming representation.

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