About Sweetpeak

NAME: Kacey (for reals)
AGE: 30
FAVORITE QUOTE: All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. -- Beckett
FAVORITE BOOK: Hard to say -- maybe Anathem by Neil Stephenson. Ask me NEXT week.
FAVORITE MOVIE: Too many to list. Right now, I'm into a noir thing.. so STRAY DOG by Akira Kurosawa
FAVORITE SONG: NWO by Ministry.. or SOB by Nathaniel Ratcliff and the Night Sweats. Or Someone I used to Know by Gottye. Or 1234 by Feist. Or almost anything by OK GO (with a video), or In Hell I'll be Good Company by The Dead South. Sensing a trend?
BODY COMPLEX: My somewhat curved spine (I wore a brace for a while) and scars on my hand that inhibit flexing. You were expecting boobs, I know, but I'm actually very happy with the way I look.

I work as a technology specialist supporting 8 elementary schools and 3 intermediate schools. I don't teach but spend some time in classrooms, but I mostly work from home. This will change next year. I'm educated, reasonably intelligent, quirky and uncompromising about stuff I consider right or wrong. Paradoxically I'm often foolishly kind-hearted and caring, even towards people who behave like idiots from time to time. How did I get into Nudism? It was a gradual clothing optional process that started a couple years after my parents divorced (age 10). My mom took it hard and I think had major rejection issues. So perhaps it was her way of dealing with self esteem. I have an older sister who is married and had her first child last year. I am divorced. It wasn't a fun process-- it never is. Abuse was involved. Trust was destroyed. I won't give details. I was devastated at the time but I have regained a healthy attitude about life and my own strength-- I won't allow that to happen to me again. This might make me come off as overly sensitive or reactionary about 1950's era thought processes and paternalistic treatment from men. Shrug. It's a new world, kids. Deal with it.

I'm a dedicated nudist but live in a somewhat suburbanized area-- I'm not a moron who thinks you can or should "go naked all the time" nor would I want to. Ick. At least not without a lot of clean towels. I'm a skeptic, a realist, and not many things shock me. Some people like that, many people don't. Such is life.

I'm glad this forum exists. There was a female nudist forum on here but frankly it has more males than females! It was run by males and had male members. So.. yeah.. not using it. I would like to use a feature on this site OTHER than a chat room. I do like to talk with people and am probably too chatty for many of the shy people that are on here. That's how I'm wired! I've been having increased friction and frustration with many of the paternalistic and dismissive views that are often discussed in chat rooms on here. I frequently post to my blog about some of the more divisive problems TN's culture causes on a daily basis.

Nice to meet you all.

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RE:About Sweetpeak

Proud to have you as a friend.

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RE:About Sweetpeak

Hi Sweetpeak,
Thanks for posting and for being so open. Sorry that sometimes life has been s*** for you, but it really seems like you've got your stronger for it now. ( I know that in reality I have no frame of reference so don't want to seem patronising)
Your job sounds pretty cool. I don't necessarily know what I want to land on yet. I did anthropology at uni and still find it so interesting, The different views and interactions of people based on their surroundings or (perhaps) biology is fascinating to me, but right now I am a customer service nerd at a big pharma company.... We've all got to earn a living right .
I found this site pretty much by accident, although someone did mention it to me. I think some of the views on here are crazy but others I completely get. For me, there is far too much misogyny and potentially outdated beliefs, but, without meaning to sound too preachy, that's what I think of most forms of social media. I just try and put it down to cultural differences but sometimes there's always the block button haha.
I've read some of your articles on here and I think they are great, you are braver than me, I find myself quite conflict averse the older I get.
As for this forum, I hope it has a positive impact in the long term, but I don't necessarily know what I want to be.
I found it very odd that the female only forum was ran by a man. The same man implied that I could only join if I became his friend. Basically I thought it was a bit creepy so I started this. To be fair, I may have completely misjudged him, but equally it's my choice who I share things with.
I don't know how to set it so it is truly women only. Unfortunately because my posts seem to come up for my friends, who are not all women, but I've done my best with the settings. Also if any current or future members read this - I decided to allow couples to join if they are certified because then we know there is definitely a woman who uses the account. But if that causes issues for anyone please just let me know.

Anyway, thanks again for posting and it's great to meet you

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RE:About Sweetpeak

Okay, I added the standard dating profile questions that Mikki created.. eh, why not.

And I like Green, Black and Grey. I was a Gothy kid as a teenager and loved dressing up and dark colors. Yeah, one of the drama queens.

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RE:About Sweetpeak

Ha, all the best people had a goth stage

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