I put a warning in my profile

To avoid including the warning in each and every one of my posts, I put the following in my profile (yeah, I'm making it easy for you, I know you only look at pics and don't read the description):

1. I type fast and too much, don't open my postings, you won't have the patience to read them.
2. In my group I tell lots of sexy anecdotes and stories from the life of a not-too-hard-on-the-eyes female nudist. These stories are not peer-reviewed scientific historic publications. They may include exaggerations, teasing and second degrees. To be used with prudence. Please avoid them if you are squeamish about nudist elegance, flirting or sensuality.

So yes, please avoid my postings and don't take everything at face value. When I write for example that I put lipstick on my nipples for free drinks in clubs or that I'm willing to open my legs for random guys in the gym once I know them a tid bit better it's second degree, ok?

I'm actually a nice shy girl. And of course I'm still a virgin.

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