What to do with a gawker?

I'm typing this on the beach, a clothing optional beach near our hotel. I arrived alone 30 min ago, laid my towel on the sand and made myself comfortable. 10 min later, here comes this guy who lays his towel less than 2m away from my feet and then eases himself on the stomach, chin on his crossed hands, pretending to be sleeping or something but in fact I think he is looking straight between my legs from behind his sunglasses. The beach is not crowded, we are on average more than 10m away from each other.

Now I do keep my legs apart to make sure that my inner thighs are also exposed to the sun. But not excessively so, maybe at a 15 degrees angle. At his angle there is not much to see, I'm a Barbie, I'm shaved, nothing more banal and everything is still closed - at least I hope. I pretended to not see him and didn't move but how long can he be staring at my nether parts and why? I mean he could just have a look like everybody else and then walk away and see other pussies, I'm not the only girl on this beach... Just a dozen meters away there is this lady who is taking the sun fully open, basically spread eagle, and, as I noted when I came, she is a rose, not a Barbie, lots of lovely petals to admire. And of course passers-by do look but no one places himself basically between her legs to gawk.

D arrived a few minutes later and the guy turned around and pretended to be reading a book but then came back to his position of observation. I told D "That guy is staring straight between my legs". He answered "Relax, who cares, it's a nudist beach and everybody does this. But if it bothers you I'll chase him away".

I don't want to look rude or prude, to overreact and make a Karen out of myself or that D chases him away (even less that he hurts him, which is always a possibility, this guy is younger than D, maybe 45, but pencil-necked with a beer belly, D is a beefy 110kg martial artist), it's a public beach, in principle everyone can sit or lay wherever there is a free spot. Plus maybe his pencil neck is very flexible and this is how he sleeps, chinon the hands and I'm just imagining things. But I start to be a bit bothered about the insistent attention. I'll leave the beach in about an hour, we calculate our sun exposure to not need much if any sunscreen. D will likely stay longer, he is dark skinned and haired and can take lots more sun than me.

Two questions.

1. Guys, how long can you spend just looking at an unimpressive woman bit while you could see nicer ones meters away? I mean why, aren't you all about diversity? Is it just an attempt to embarrass me or can you just fall in love with a pussy and stare at it for ages?

2. What should I do?
- just suck it up, who cares, it's not that he is seeing something particularly secret or special, lots of it on the beach and there is just one hour left anyway;
- glue my knees together, I won't get white spots on my inner thigh in one hour;
- move a bit sideways so he no longer has this direct view;
- leave together with D to a different spot on the beach, there is plenty of free space;
- ask him to leave;
- ask D to chase him away, if necessary manu militari.

Please advise.

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RE:What to do with a gawker?

Well... There's what I could do and what I do. Being the quiet sort who never sets out to trigger discomfort on the part of another, the most I'll be guilty of is an occasional glance, probably disguised by being part of a general look around. No staring, and definitely no positioning of my spot so as to have that Goldilocks view. In placing my towel I'm usually careful to choose a spot that is midpoint between two others and I'll take the larger gap if I have a choice. My only other criteria is to avoid an area where stones may make entry into the water difficult.

By contrast, I've never been in a situation where I've been uncomfortable, but I guess that's just male privilege. The ability to not care at all if others do stare, and the confidence that I can handle anyone who's making propositions I'm not interested in. If anyone's just passively taking an interest, I'll just be flattered and perhaps wondering if they need their eyes checked.

If your case, Flora, your admirer revealed himself by his actions when D arrived. My only suggestion for your consideration would be to go for a short walk and rearrange your position upon your return, to stifle his view. Would he be so bold so as to move again? He'll certainly know you've moved deliberately, if subtly, so the ball's in his court as to how he responds. But we know his intent, it's just his commitment that's under test. :-)

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