Brotherhood meet-up interest?

Any interest out there with ordinary guys meeting in nude brotherhood and have a shit-ton of male bonding and laughs? Gay or Straight, Black or White, Seasoned Naturalist or first timer, Grow-er or Show-er, Heavy or Thin and any combination thereof! Just getting together as a group of men from various walks bringing a collective energy together. Positive brotherhood of equals and imperfect guys shooting the shit or hanging out in a light environment supporting acceptance of self around a good group of humans. No politics, no religion, no controversy on indifference, just acceptance that there is a third way. Thinking an afternoon/early evening window of time of arrival with a defined time we all get together for a few laughs and give thanks as a group. I'll lead the first couple, just a quick gathering of male energy, nothing intrusive or wierd shit. Just guys hanging with guys. Happens at bars and other unhealthy venues every night, why not at Playalinda (BYOB btw) with a group of real guys bumping along on this path of life and willing to take a moment to chill out, have a drink, relax, take off the armor, and lay down the weapons for just a brief while. Your thoughts on this?

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RE: Brotherhood meet-up interest?

Headed out to Playalinda this saturday 9/17. Blue umbrella. Cooler may contain cans of beer and soda. Chilling and hoping for no rain.

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