Nudity in Spain.

Not sure. Many of you may not know this but Spain has no Laws on Nudity in their country, you can pretty much be naked anywhere without being arrested, but you may feel uncomfortable with people who are clothed in public places where it seems appropriate.. I just wish the U.S. & Canada were more relaxed on the nudity in those countries, Canada has lighter laws on defining nudity which helps if one gets a ticket..

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RE:Nudity in Spain.

Just a small correction. Spain does have laws with respect to nudity. These laws protect your right under the constitution to be naked. Introduced in 1978. Some local authorities sought to challenge this law with local (Regional) laws forbidding it. So far all attempts have failed in the courts. Note though, if challenged by police ALWAYS respond calmly and comply, or they can arrest you for being non compliant with their instructions.
The law protects your right to be naked on private property (at home) and in public spaces (National parks and beaches for example). Some have pushed this law to its limit by walking naked in public parks within urban areas and all attempts to prosecute have failed.

Basically tourist hot spots will try to protect their business's from a perceived negative impact by nakedness. That said I see whole families (Spanish) strip shower and dress by the fresh water showers right in front of the beachfront restaurants. Women are topless 50% on most beaches. The quieter end of tourist beaches normally have nude bathers and frankly no one appears bothered.
Personally I walk in some national parks inland, So far I have passed cyclists, other walkers and been stumbled on by a mixed group as I laid out naked on a rock where I though I was off the main track. No one has batted an eye lid so far. I usually grab and cover, they normally say hola and are not bothered so I resume my nakedness. Two years so far and no issues.

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