wickr is going away

I just got a message on my wickr that it's unavailable as of december 2023. Where's everyone going to migrate to? Are there any other platforms with self destructing messaging?

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RE:wickr is going away

I received the same message in 2018,2019,2020,2021, and now 2022 - nothing ever turned out from those so I dont think Wickr is going anywhere soon

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RE:wickr is going away

existing wickrme users can use the servicve until dec 31, 2023 (next year), only no new user signups after dec 31, 2022.

What encryption are you describing for telegram? telegram by default is not end to end encrypted. Groups chat are public clear text conversations zero encryption, 1-2-1 chat are not end 2 end encrypted by default, but must enable it with 'secret conversations' feature, otherwise 1-2-1 history are also clear text at the server. so what did you menat by telegram is encrypted, end to end, secret conversations or in transit?
telegram encryption
self-deleting, not always

there's wire, encrypted by default, group chat encrypted, 1-2-1 encrypted, audio encrypted, video encrypted, screensharing is encrypted. however metadata is cleart text, which is your contact list, group lists and members of your groups, but the payload is encrypted.

session msgr, onion routed 3-hop, encrypted by default, private, secure, anonymous, current audio/video encrypted but is p2p so each other will know ea other ip. soon, audio/video will be onion routed as well, thus hiding your ip. no need for phone/email signup, even public groups are hidden, need special address to enter, private groups are invite only by group owner contact list.

simplex chat from https://simplex.chat, encrypted by default, audio video encrypted, can have alias ID for each contact, group encrypted, anonymous as well. private, secure, anonymous. groups are hidden like in wickr as one needs to be invited to enter.

by next year signal will have its username feature released. although you need phone number to register, you can hide it with disposable usernames. just think of it as a private secure anonymous telegram. the signal encryption protocol has been battle tested and trusted, and its in about 4 billion devices. my opinion, once signal usernames are out, you really don't need another msgr. it can keep you anonymous with its disposable username feature. groups are encrypted, audio/video encrypted. just no screensharing like wire has.

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RE:wickr is going away

So it sounds like theres a few options available if amd/or when Wickr goes away

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