Illinois Beach State Park?

Does anyone know how Illinois Beach State Park is? I've read some conflicting reports, some say it's fine while others say there has been a strong push to clear out the nude sunbathers. Thinking of heading up there in a few weeks (if we ever get some nice weather!) and just was wondering how it has been lately. Is it better to go during the week vs weekend?

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RE: Illinois Beach State Park?

Thanks for the heads up, you probably saved me from getting arrested..

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RE: Illinois Beach State Park?

The note above is mostly true -- the south end of the main beach used to get a lot of not-very-discreet nude use, but rangers cracked down hard in the name of dune conservation, mainly because it had gotten a reputation as a cruising site.
I still -- up until a couple weeks ago -- use the more remote parts of the northunit nude. Be discreet, remote, and watch carefully. I have not seen patrols in ages on the north beach, and on a weekday, or weekend mornings, you may have the beach to yourself for hundreds of yards in each direction. Sunning in a set-back curve in the dune-edge, and even a quick skinny-dip are possible without getting caught.
With the storms in the last couple weeks, the main park has been closed due to fallen trees, and lack of funds to clear them. Only the north unit is open, and has received a flood of beachgoers, that spill into the remote nature reserver area. While I still haven't seen a patrol, I have seen their ATV tracks.
This is likely to remain like this for the rest of the season. I would not try it this summer. I need a new place to get my solar fix, badly.

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RE: Illinois Beach State Park?

...wear G-string swimwear on the beach. It's not quite "nude", butit's pretty close. If you go about 1/4 mile south of the resort, you'llgenerally find a collection of open minded people wearing g-strings and thongs.There's still a big difference between a thong and nude. First off, I'm usually commando anyway, so putting on a restricting thong sounds uncomfortable.Second, I go nude for the breezy feeling, I'm just not going to get that in a thong.
Last, some of the thong wearers I've encountered on the south unit seem to be trying to be as, ahem, displayed as possible (not the "male problem" but showing off) -- that's not the vibe I'm looking for, it's being care-free and relaxed.
Come join me on the north beach (probably not until late next spring), usually a little south of the 17th street path or the 21st street path (see google maps for the labels).

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RE: Illinois Beach State Park?

From someone obviously not from Ill, where is this park/

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RE: Illinois Beach State Park?

From someone obviously not from Ill, where is this park/Northeast most corner of Illinois -- pretty much from the Wisconsin border to Waukegan.The northernmost part is Winthrop Harbor, only sort of part of the park, but it has its own (very boring) beach.The main park entrance is Wadsworth Road, and includes a lodge (independently run), public beach, campground and nature center. South of the nature center lot is probably the most likely place to see thonged or topless (rare) sunbathers along the beachfront.
North of there is the Zion Commonwealth Edison facility, formerly a nuclear power plant, that is in the process of disassembly. It's hoped that the land will become part of the park -- where you'll (probably not) find me (I'm trying not to be seen). Just north of there (Shiloh Blvd) is Hosah Park, run by the Zion Park District, and probably the fastest route to the more secluded parts of the park. About a mile north of there is 17th Street, which has the entrance to the north unit of the state park, with more public beach and a lot of trails.

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RE:Illinois Beach State Park?

I was there two time last year summer 2017, the first I say only one guy with a very small thong laying all the way by the south end, it was a busy Saturday. The second time I went to the south side again and I a nice young looking guy with his girlfriend hanging there both wearing a g-string and she was topless from time to time, I found a couple other guys sitting few feets away from the young couple so I satarted a conversation with them and stay there, the young couple got completely naked after we all notice that there was no rangers that day and not much people walking by after few minutes the other guy and I decided to do the same, we hang out there for a good almost two hours fully naked with no one bothering.

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