The Confident (?) Male Nude

It seems there are not many confident male nudes. I did a quick scan of the photos and of the 72 1/2 pages of photos there are very few men. By my count there are less than 24 photos that have a naked man in them. Some of the photos show a single male and some photos the male is part of a larger group photo. But if there was a male in the photo and they were naked I counted them, even if they were not the main focus of the photo. Also, some of the men have posted more than 1 photo of themselves which makes the numbers of confident men even less. I'll let others expound on it's meaning, if a meaning even exists. I just find it interesting.

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RE:The Confident (?) Male Nude

My 5 cents.

The "confident nude male" is a lot more common; I'd even say easily attainable to most men. I was pretty confident after my second time being socially nude. I don't want to diminish some men's experience who might have had to "work at it"; but in general men are readily confident with their nudity.

It's a different thing with women. Most have to work through a lot (of hang-ups) to get to "naked confidence." That's why it's celebrated.
Thinking back to my "non-landed club" days with my first wife: on our first trip there together, I was naked right away (pretty much as expected); while my wife had some difficulty parting with her sarong. On our third trip there she found the motivation and confidence (through other women's encouragement) to remove her sarong, join the group naked; and fully engage in social interaction with them. Her "transition" to socializing nude was literally applauded by the other attendees. They'd realized this had not been a "simple thing" for her to allow herself to be seen fully naked; and celebrated her "coming out in the buff" by giving her positive feedback and encouragement.

A picture of us was taken there (for the club photo-album and only available to its members). We're both sitting in relaxed positions. The reason why my wife in the picture is more significant than me is because of its symbolism. She'd found the confidence to sit completely naked for a picture. For me, it was "just a naked picture." For her it was a statement that - in spite of her pre-existing hang-ups - she'd found the confidence to allow herself to be "captured full-frontal naked."

That's why I think it's completely different.

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RE:The Confident (?) Male Nude

That is a really good story and example of why we do celebrate the naked female here, thanks for sharing. As men we generally have no or little hesitation stripping off, women do take longer. My late wife was topless often when we were young and travelling along the Australian coast on holidays, I would be nude always at a CO beach or just a deserted one, she only went fully nude a few times, and only if I did not bug her about it. Women need to be comfortable and when the time is right. SBN

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