I might actually put real clothes on

I pretty much live nude around my rural home. Even get away with a lot of outdoor nude time thanks to lots of yard privacy and a lightly traveled gravel road. In the winter I have what I call my " winter nude" i put a long sleeved heavy denim shirt on and rarely button it up. I find keeping my shoulders and back of my neck warm and i am good. But these next few days temps are going to hover around 0F ( -18C) This old house furnace will be working overtime to keep heat in hear. I think i will break down and slip more on than my normal winter nude. Well except for sleeping
that still has to be bare, Just add a blanket to the bed.

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RE:I might actually put real clothes on

Although I don't get to spend much time outside nude when home I do sit in the back yard late at night and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. During the colder months I am nude nearly all the time in the house. However, for the next couple of days I am dressed in sweats, other than at night, because today's temp is -15f with wind chill -44f., and it isn't going to get much better for the next several days.

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