Who and how do I post my pics

Hey mate, I see you can post pics of cocks- I cant. I have been told my cock is good looking. Love to get it in as many groups and rated out of 10. Get a final answer? Ha ha

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RE:Who and how do I post my pics

Well you are certified I see, so you should be able to post naked pictures of yourself. You still have to comply with the rules though and they require that your face is in any picture that includes your genitals and no erections, of course!

Try posting a few pictures to your profile first, they can be selfies taken with a mobile phone or any camera with a self timer (as I do) as long as they comply with the guidelines (listed on the upload page)

Go for it...

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RE:Who and how do I post my pics

Hi there.

Go to you main page. You will see the 3 horizontal lines on the upper right corner of your screen. Click that icon and it give you a drop list. Scroll down and look for upload pictures. Click on that and then you have 2 choices either browse on your computer and look for your pictures where you saved them in your computer or you can use the camera to take a picture.

The other rule is that, you need at least half of your face to be in the picture if you want to post with you genital in it. The moderator will then check if the picture you are posting is appropriate or not and they can either approve it or delete it.

Good luck. I hope we will have the opportunity to see your beautiful penis even in pictures only.

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