How to join Hiking Naked in Palm Springs Group

Here are the instructions to joining the Hiking Naked in Palm Springs Group. If you are looking to hiking naked with other guys, this is a great diverse group of guys in the Palm Springs area and visiting guys from around the country and from other countries. Please read the following attached photos.

Update the attached photos keep getting deleted, here are the instructions-
How to Set Up Your MeWe Profile
Here are the settings I suggest to make sure you receive hike notifications.
1. Log in to MeWe (since you're reading this, you're already logged in)
2. Click on your avatar in the upper right-hand corner
3. Select "Settings" from the drop-down list
4. On the Settings page, select "Notifications & Alerts" from the left-hand menu
5. Make sure "All Email Notifications" is set to ON (see below)
6. Select "Groups" from the left-hand menu
7. Make sure "Group Alerts" is enabled (see below)
8. Click on the "Go to Hiking Naked in Palm Springs settings" link
9. Select "Notifications & Preferences" from the left-hand menu
10. Make sure "Receive group alerts for new posts in this group" is enabled

The purpose of this group is to help publicize naked hiking for men in and around the Coachella Valley which is the area around Palm Springs, California, including the Mecca Hills and the Rimrock trail. If you are a man who enjoys or is curious about naked hiking, backpacking or camping in the Coachella Valley area, then this is the group for you! Your sexual orientation doesn't matter, as long as you like to be naked outdoors in the desert.
Minimum age for membership is 18. When you join please tell us your age and gender.
THIS IS NOT A SEX GROUP. We are all adults and are expected to be respectful of and watch out for our fellow hikers.

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