Valentine weekend activities

My wife will be away for the weekend, so I am looking for any naked events or activities to join. A naked hike? A naked gathering? Naked bowling? Nothing sketchy, just looking to meet like-minded nudists and enjoy life au-naturale! I'm not the planning type, but would love to participate in something.

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RE:Valentine weekend activities

Sacred Rain in Seattle is where my wife and I go nude. I just use the hot tub and sauna. She sometimes gets a message.

If you are more adventurous, I have been cold plunging at the nude beach at Denny-Blaine in Seattle. . I run up and down the short beach, do a quick strip, run in the water for 2 minutes, then get out shake of and reheat with breathing methods and a fuzzy towel.

I am trying to make this a weekly event with my non-landed nudist group SLUGS. So far we have not put it on our calendar but I have been doing it at noon on weekends we don't have a SLUGS event. 16 Jan 2023 we plunged with a small group. The water was 45 F and the air was 46 F. Rain and wind over 7 MPH is a reason not to plunge otherwise it is a good time.

Feb 5th and 12th I plan to put on the event calendar. Our next members only SLUGS event is our FEB event is Sauna and Hot Tub night at Tiger.

If you are not a SLUGS member it is very reasonably priced see the SLUGS website...


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RE:Valentine weekend activities

I am a SLUGS member actually, but did not see any events of interest listed. And no thank you on the plunge!! I do many early morning naked walks, with the temps hovering around the mid 40's, but a water plunge..........nope, not interested lol.

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