When things go seriously wrong!

I met a younger woman about twelve months ago. We were not girlfriend and boyfriend but friends. I spent some considerable time each week with her, and I met with many women she had socialised with. Obviously I can't say she is responsible for their outlooks on life and their views and lifestyles they have. One day I was driving locally and heavy road works was causing serious tail backs of traffic, so I decided to take a different road but ended up in more traffic anyway. While sat in traffic I was approached in the car by one of her female friends. She got in the car and we chatted. She asked me if I'd run her to an hotel she was staying in. I saw nothing wrong in that. When we got to the hotel she asked me in. I went in had a coffee and met her female mate, who lived several miles away from the hotel. When I was leaving the female mate asked if I'd run her home. Being a good hearted guy I said yes I'd run her. When I dropped her off she asked me if I'd like to see her again? She asked for my number and again at the time I didn't think too much about it, so I gave her my number. A couple of days later she rang me and asked if I'd like to meet up with her and go out! Now being a single guy I thought these opportunities don't come along every day so yes I accepted the invitation.

When I picked her up we called to a local shopping store where she picked up a few goods. When she got back in the car she asked if I would be okay going to her mates house with her. I drove along to her mates house under her directions. So the female friend new about my background nudism and made mention of it while we were driving to her mates home. She said that if I wanted she and her mate would be okay if I didn't want to wear my clothes while at her house? When we got there I was introduced and we went into the house, sat down and chatted a little while. The house occupier said she was not bothered about me being naked in her house if I chose to? I was trying to think what was behind all this but decieded to hold back a while. During my stay there for about two and half to three hours I'd removed my coat and placed it over the rear of the settee where I was sitting. At some point I asked if I could use the toilet and the occupier advised me where to go. When I returned and sat on the settee I placed my hands on the pockets of my coat and could not feel my wallet in the left hand pocket has I'd done when I got up. I double checked my coat and all pockets and the wallet had gone. I politely asked for my wallet back and they denied they had taken it. I repeatedly asked for it back and the younger of the two women who took me there said that some bloke was coming round to the house and I should be patient and they will find the wallet. I was patient but wanted my wallet back. After repeatedly asking I got stern with the younger woman who then told me that my wallet was up stairs in the bedroom under the blankets on the bed. I went and got it and it was open. 150 had been stolen. I was then asked to leave the house and once outside I rang the police to notify them of what happened. The police attended in a van and opened his drivers window and said to me, I'll give you one chance, tell me the truth or I'll arrest you. The police officer asked me what had occurred. I gave him a full verbal statement of facts that occurred. He said to me wait here and I'll go and see her.

On his return he took my mobile phone out my hand and asked for the password. He then arrested me and said that she and her mate said I was naked in their house and that I'd paid her 60 for having sex with her, that is the younger woman I initially went there with. The police officer put me in the back of the van and said to me, this is your last chance, tell me the truth or I'm taking you in.

I said to him I don't know what you want me to say to you. He read me my rights and I basically told him where to stick the rights. He repeatedly asked me to tell him the truth but the truth is not what he wanted to hear. After slamming the rear van doors closed a few times and walking away and coming back, nothing I said to him mattered.

I ended up in the cells over night. At the police counter where they book you in the police officer lied through his back teeth repeatedly. I told the sargent he was lying and the sargent advised me that it didn't matter and all would be sorted out. The following day about lunch time I got a solicitor visit and I spoke to her a while. A very nice polite woman. She advised me that I should not remain silent in the interview because she said I've done nothing wrong. We went through the interview and I answered all questions asked and follow ups. The police officer conducting the interview was polite and patient. He seemed a nice guy. When he was returning me to the cell I had not been charged and or told I was being charged with this sexual offence. I was however made aware that the younger woman I'd picked up was a street worker and known to the police, which obviously I didn't know.

I thanked the solicitor for her advice and she left. The same police officer then came to the cell within about ten minutes and asked me to follow him to the desk. The sargent advised that no further action was being taken against me. When the police officer escorted me out the station, he advised me that if I wanted to be nude in public that was my choice and there was no law to stop me. Now the reason I bring this in at the end is bacause the young lady along with the older lady told the police I was naked in her home and that I was naked in my car and the arresting police officer was angry that I'd been naked even though he had no evidence of such. He told me he knows the law and it was illegal to be in my car naked and or be naked around women. I got to admit I was a little pi$$ed with him and told him in no uncertain words that I believed he knew the law, but understanding the law is something else, which you can't buy and nobody can give you that understanding. He then shut up. I think he was taken off the job and the second police officer who conducted the interview was given the job of taking over from him.

So I lost my 150 and as far as I can understand the woman has walked free. Was the police officer related to her or not I don't know?

Rough justice or what!

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RE:When things go seriously wrong!

Its shocking how the police treat idiots these days.

They should be trained to deal with buffoonery.

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RE:When things go seriously wrong!

I met a younger woman about twelve months ago. We were not girlfriend and boyfriend but friends. I spent some considerable time each week with her, and I met with many women she had socialised with. Obviously I can't say she is responsible for their outlooks on life and their views and lifestyles they have.

People prey on others who are kind and unassuming. Even if you can trust an individual, albeit with reservations, it's harder to extend that to the people they "know." Being naked with someone is a physical, emotional and behavioral liability. In the US you can be accused of assault and end up in endless court trials for nothing, which will cost thousands of dollars if you are (and should be) represented with a lawyer. It could have been much worse - thanks for the cautionary tale!

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RE:When things go seriously wrong!

TY for sharin your story. Sorry bout the legal mess you had to go thru. Scammers are out there, sorry to say. I hve read stories about hookers luring 'johns' to private rooms, where a hidden accomplice secretly steals the johns wallet while he is in bed with the hooker. I am not accusin you of patronizing prostitutes, mind you, just pointing out the similarity in what those young women did.

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