Am I crazy for wanting the caftan to make a come back!

Being a teenager in the 70's produced many a sight of a caftan, and just the other day my mind was turned back to that time.

No I hadn't just seen a photo of Demis Roussos; I was in fact out doing deliveries in the heat of about 36c and humidity that would make a cucumber sweat when all of a sudden walking along the footpath was a young lady clad in the most fitting of attire to the climatic conditions that day.

She was wearing basically nothing but a very light dress that was halter-neck, showing lots of side boob (both sides) and it was clearly noticeable that she had no underpants nor bra. Now aside from being a wonderful sight (no not just because she was young, but because she was able to be herself and how she chooses) it gave me great envy. She had just been to the beautician (I know this as I noticed her walking out of there).

This envy of mine comes from the fact that women can attire themselves in such a way and its considered by most to be somewhat sexy, or more so not inappropriate; but when a man does the same its considered by most as dirty or perverted.

I had pictures in mind of Cam from Modern Family wearing his caftan with nothing on underneath and my mind also turned back to the 70's when I'd hear adults quip about males in caftans saying "dirty old bugger".

So as this summer here in Brisbane sears on, I want to find that happy medium of being virtually nude and free from criticism at the same time.
Nowadays there's lots of online chatter about men, such as Brad Pitt, wearing skirts to formal events and the we must be getting closer to a time when a male can attire in a caftan and nothing else and its publicly acceptable!

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RE:Am I crazy for wanting the caftan to make a come back!

After the example of one other TN regular I did try a sarong once, over one shoulder. It completely gave that wonderful feeling of freedom including nothing tied at the waist, but the fact one side was completely open meant it's not for everywhere...

As you say, the sight of a female in such attire is beautiful for the fact they can (and do) wear such items in addition to the pleasurable visage they present.

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RE:Am I crazy for wanting the caftan to make a come back!

While I understand why some men would find a caftan comfortable, they are not for me.
I like to keep clothing above the waist to a minimum.

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