Cam in the Chat Room

Hi All.

Last night I was brave enough to cam in the main chat room.
You be surprised or not, who starts chatting to you.
I was only going to stay until about half ten and logged off at 01:00 in the morning.
I found this thrilling and daring.

Have any of you participated on cam in the chat room. if so, "How did you find it"

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RE:Cam in the Chat Room

I have cammed in the chat room. I used to go in quite regularly but not very much recently due to lack of opportunities.
If I am honest the majority of people just look and dont make any contact. I am always naked and show full body if on camera.
The conversations are varied. I have had some very good and wide ranging conversations. Some are blunt and to the point. Others meander around a bit in general conversation before getting round to their real purpose. Sometimes you get someone who just wants to say hi and ask if it OK to watch your cam and nothing more than that.
If I am honest I normally quite enjoy it. It is always nice to be paid a compliment. And I have discovered I am fairly open minded about such things.. I will sometimes transfer a chat to Skype. It does provide better video and the ability to actually talk. But will only do that with someone I have chatted to before or who is also on cam in the chat room.

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RE:Cam in the Chat Room

You are right about the chat.

Some cam out in the end of there intentions.
But I am sure I will do it again.

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RE:Cam in the Chat Room

I do enjoy caming and chatting. It is one way to feel a bit social which is nice since I do not have anyone locally. I do appreciate genuine opportunities to chat with folks.

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