RE:The truth about me - Part 3

Now, on a scale of 1 to 10:1. How realistic did you find my life story?2. How erotic was it?Moreover:3. Which part(s) did you find (particularly) arousing?4. Which part(s) did you find (particularly) boring?

So to your questions now that i have broken my fast...

1. How realistic did you find my life story?
6.... Your depth of story telling made this a believable tale, i just didn't believe it was you Flora. The oldest profession, right..? But the Flora life, no... for many of those who enter this profession I fear the life for them far less glamorous and with sad journeys and endings... a few may have the life you described... my whole hearted wish is that there would be some...
2. How erotic was it?
9. I was a very erotic tale... finely woven
3. Which part(s) did you find (particularly) arousing?
The original knock on the door from your Uni friend. And subsequent scenes...
4. Which part(s) did you find (particularly) boring?
Your life story could never be dull.

You asked me why i just didn't pretend to believe you just in case...

Heaven from hell?
Blue skies from pain?
Can you tell a green field
From a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?


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RE:The truth about me - Part 3

Your recent life story was quite the good read and an interesting tale. The weaving of your early years and subsequent development was a perfect lead and logical basis for a potential *career* as an escort with intelligence. But it was too perfect and that, though a great story, was a potential clue of a very good embellishment. It was quite erotic and fun to read and kept me involved throughout. I will continue to look forward to your posts; your efforts always make to an interesting start to the morning.

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RE:The truth about me - Part 3

1.) How realistic - 9
2.) How erotic- 10
3.) Most erotic - How you treat your regulars. If an erection was one of your goals when writing this then "mission accomplished "
4.) Most boring- well none of this story is boring and as has been established, your ability to evoke by writing is amazing. Perhaps I can put the "mile high club" revelation under this category because I simply can't relate and generating a visual is difficult.
All in all Flora, your story is wonderful and I still believe what I believe. Lol

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RE:The truth about me - Part 3

Hi Flora, you are a great storyteller, making a wonderful fictional character. I believe significant elements of your life story are embedded in the "truth about me" and your expression of sexuality and acceptance of those in the profession is very appealing.

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RE:The truth about me - Part 3

Wonderful story Flora ! I enjoyed the creative details that served as a platform to launch further alternative story lines. Sort of a what if this situation where a slight change early on , might have led to multiple outcomes. Bravo !

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