It will get you far to,.......

.... INTRODUCE YOURSELF in messages, friends invite, etc. I have no idea how this has become so rare, but many folks here are old enough to know that you don't just invite strangers into your life. You do not have to give your full name, DNA, SSN, address, phone numbers, income and all that. But when you leave out your first name, (you know the real one), you are self-imposing on your likelihood of not being involved with others. I know society is not very mandatory on many things these days but I'm 65, my son is 34 and he knows to introduce himself to groups of folks of like mind before first meetings happen from internet sources.

It may sound silly- but you will not meet many that are worth it if you present a stranger to those you would like to get to know as friends. And I can say that even the older guys and gals forget their "social etiquette" many times and I have to remind them with a, "Oh and I'm Steph by the way,..., and you are?". AND THEN they will introduce themselves 2-3 messages later. (!?!?!?!) If you are hearing how everyone wants to meet- and then no one does,..., well this is a big deal to a lot of long time Naturists. We are not hermits, but we have seen our way of life turn into a world of strangers the past 40 years. SAD but TRUE. Introduce yourself, you might be surprised on how fast folks will get to know you and you them.

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RE:It will get you far to,.......

Good Idea to get the ball rolling. Just joined Truenudists. Became clothing optional in San Diego back in 1992. Beach here spoiled me. How has this site been for you ?

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RE:It will get you far to,.......

Agreed, I wish people would actually take the time to READ profile Bios and appropriately message and have an actual conversation before immediately trying to add people (especially if the person in question requests it). Getting to know people is definitely ideal for me

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