HYderabad _April/May 2024 -Nudist-meet-up

Hi folks, organising a meet-up for nudists this month. Please PM me .. we will take it on telegram from there.

I will be speaking to everyone for a while before the entry is accepted. To ensure that it's a safe place for everyone to participate.

1. Ping me here.

2. will connect with you over telegram/other channel and interact with you.

3. will add you to the telegram group,,, we will do a group audio call a couple of times before we meet.

4. we will meet-up in a public place - at a cafe or something. we will head to the venue from there.

Privacy of the participants and treating everyone with respect is of utmost importance.

see you soon.


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RE:HYderabad _April/May 2024 -Nudist-meet-up

Add me @Kiaraleone

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RE:HYderabad _April/May 2024 -Nudist-meet-up

Hi please add me

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