chubby and gettign chubbier

I started putting on weight when I quit smoking. I didn't give it any thought at first but now I'm bigger than I ever thought I would get. Pluss I';m out of work on medical leave so I'm not gettignthe exercize I use to. A while back I lost a lot of weight but developed a PE and had to change my diet. Some of the things I was eating, mostly green vegatables are to high in vitiman K and only help to cause bloodclots. So, I am still working on loosing weight but it's goin slow, really slow. My belly isbigger than I ever thought It would get. I can also feel how it has affected my health too.
But for now this is who I am and I will be naked regardless.

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RE:chubby and gettign chubbier

Getting bigger here too. You can only do your best but I find being bigger also liberating at same time .

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