Mono Hot Springs, California

I am an avid nude hiker and soaker. I'm seeking information anyone may have about the Mono Hot Springs area. I'm planning a late spring trip to the area and am curious as to whether there are opportunities for nude soaking or hiking in the area.

I've driven by there twice on the way to Edison and Florence lakes and got a different vibe each time. About 15 years ago I stopped in to visit the store and a couple walking across the road stopped me with a question. The woman was wearing a long shirt and apparently nothing else and the man had only a short sarong They appeared to be naturists. Both wore more than me. They were very tan and stood a few feet away so could only tell I was shirtless. It seemed a very laid back atmosphere and I wanted to explore further.

The next time I went there was in 2019 just before the virus and fire. I pulled in the parking lot and it was packed with people unloading packs and camping equipment and I didn't see anyone remotely appearing to be a naturists.

Does anyone have any information on the place as far as c/o soaking or hikng is concerned? Also any information on little used trails beyond Kaiser Pass in general. Thanks to anyone with information.

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