whole food healthiness

Processed foods seeming to be vegan are not all reliably vegan, I find, but it is not hard for me to have everything vegan with having whole foods, which is healthier anyway, so I buy almost entirely of those, almost all being from produce. Animal fat is not necessary, or at all better for us. There are oils and fats in foods from plants, especially in certain ones we can be aware of, and so get enough of what is needed for that. What is had from animals can clog up blood vessels, which will cause serious problems. Whole Food Plant-Based eating can stop and possibly reverse type 2 diabetes, along with many other benefits. I started changing for betterment with more potatoes, then I went to noodles that were whole grain. I stopped buying potatoes recently because I see real value in getting bags of organic potatoes and those are not available in my store in recent times.

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