My Own Nudism Experience

It was 10 years ago, back in 2014 when I took the very first step into & towards nudism, I was a complete new girl into the lifestyle and had no idea what to, how to do, when to do or where to do. Thankfully for me, my son who was already a nudist by then helped me a lot in gathering courage and gumption to actually try living naked. Since then I have slowly evolved and now I call myself a full time home nudist, i.e, I live naked at home whenever it is possible (read weather permitting & without the presence of non nudist folks). I am not an outdoors nudist, never want to be one either. But being naked by myself has helped me a lot, both mentally as well as physically, I have started to take care of my health & even at this age I try to exercise thrice a week to stay healthy, Nudism also makes me calm and has helped me in dealing with my stress and anxiety issues, It is a wholesome lifestyle & I would encourage everyone to try this at least once and see the benefits.

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RE:My Own Nudism Experience

A great introduction of yourself and your expression of encouraging others to experience the sensation of nudity.

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