SAUNA HOUSE in Asheville, NC

Has anyone been to Sauna House in Asheville, NC?
Any reports to share on the culture of nudity there, if any?
I'd love to make the trip down from Cincinnati to check it out.
Though their marketing telegraphs a hip crowd (it's Asheville after all) I can't tell if it's 100% co-ed and prohibitive of nudity. Or if they have separate men's and women's facilities, or at best gender segregated days.
I don't want to go all the way down there and finds it's super uptight about being nude. I'd rather make the trip up to Chicago to one of the Korean or Russian Saunas.

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RE:SAUNA HOUSE in Asheville, NC

Reading the website it seems like they require swimsuits all the time, which to me in a sauna sounds horrible.

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