Newbie Nudist

Hi everyone,
Just want to say what a great site this is..I am fairly new into the nudism and go to the beach regurarly, but none of my family or friends know about it, this way it's great to get into touch with other nudist.I sort of stumbled into nudism and more and more I started to get into it, and I must say, it's a great way to just be yourself without being looked at at being a 'perf' or wathever.
I hope to get into a bit more via this site, do other things as just going to the beach etc. Cheers

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RE: Newbie Nudist

Welcome to the site, Ald! You'll find this is probably the best site on the internet for nudists. A lot of wonderful people here and site admin is responsive. When you have a chance read through the different forum threads, lots of great information, viewpoints, opinions, hints and tips. And have fun meeting some really wonderful people here!

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RE: Newbie Nudist

I know what you mean about friends not knowing of your nudist tendencies. None of our friends, family or co-workers know of our lifestyle. We keep two seperate to speak. I've done a little investigating by making comments or jokes and the results weren't positive about nudists. So, we just have two circles of friends and if any of them should overlap then all the better.

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RE: Newbie Nudist

Thanks everybody,
One other thing about being a single male nudist....there not all perf's! There are genuine ones also.


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