RE:bi and bi

I don't have any hangups about being bi and a nudist. Being nude liberates a person from ''restrictions'' put upon in life. I also love sex. It's just a thing to figure out when to be nude with friends and a party might happen. OR being nude with people because you just like being a nudist and respect that quality of life.

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RE:bi and bi

I am, and would claim the label on principle even uf the attraction wasn't there because a world where love free from condemnation (as long as properly consenual) is the world I want to live in and leave for those to come.

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RE: bi and bi

It's really not difficult to find bisexual people on this web site.The most difficult thing to find on here, is, a genuine nudist who is not here for sexual reasons.Anyone who is a true nudist, is on here to meet other nudists, and should NOT matter if they are straight, bi-sexual, or gay. If it DOES matter, then you are on the wrong site.

I find this response restrictive and offensive in its tone. The person did not specify that he was seeking sexual partners, nor did he solicit any information in a disrespectful or dishonest way. he merely inquired about other potential members with whom he shared a common interest or lifestyle.

We make so much effort to separate nudism from sexuality or sexual activity -- we often go to far. Social and family nudism is wonderful. the concept of being free and happy in our own skins, and comfortable in our natural state with others is great. But why do we push each other to somehow become asexual beings. Sex is not only natural, but also one of the very few things in life that, while being highly enjoyable, is also healthy. While this site is not a dating site, and I agree that members should not simply be "on the prowl"; and I concede that what matters among nudists is not simply sexual preference and/or orientation; that orientation, those preferences, and our desires and interests are all part of who we are and define our roles and relationships in ways other than sexual activity. And so, if any of us want to reach out to connect with others on any level, that should be okay. And yes, I'm "bi".

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RE:bi and bi

yep - im bi.. being bi and a nudist is exactly the same as being bi and a textile.. why do so many take offence?

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