RE:at what age was your first nudist experience?

I guess one could say that my first nudist experience was when I was 14 or 15. I used to go out into the woods behind my home (there were a ton of woods there). I used to undress and simple hike or walk nude - climbed a couple of trees and just enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine. Wore sneakers only. My dog (a beagle) was always with me. I never ran into anyone else but I used to hide my clothing just in case.

In my later teen years I vacationed each summer in Maine and had a small boat. I used to land on deserted islands and loved to explore naked. Again I never ran into anyone. It was so nice.

One in college I joined a group that went skinny dipping often - my first experiences with others (except for gym class showers). I found it true happiness. I've never looked back - been into nudity ever since. At first I thought I must have a loose screw or something bu have come to realize it's pretty common and for the most part normal.

I've been a photographer and love to photograph the nude form (male or female). It's not easy to produce a creative fine art nude - not just a photo of a naked person.


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RE:at what age was your first nudist experience?

As a little boy, I used to run through the sprinklers on hot summer days naked as a matter of course and didn't really think anything about it. the time. As a teen, I would regularly lay out in the back yard after school but was careful not to get caught.

I finally took the plunge when I was 17. I went to Red White and Blue beach north of Santa Cruz. I parked the car, got out, and ...without any hesitation at all....stripped naked. The breeze on my skin was an awesome feeling! Wearing only my shoes and carrying only my keys, I walked the trail down to the beach, passing (clothed) people along the way without any nervousness at all! When I got down to the shore I found that , excepting one other person, I was the only one naked! But I didn't care! I spent the day wandering around, jogging along the water and even playing frisbee with some people that I met. It was a neat experience that I would repeat as often as I could!

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