nude house party

Maybe there is enough local people who might like to have a once a month nude house party and make it BYOB and a dish to pass. We have been to something similar in Indiana at a nudist group we belong to they hold get togethers at resorts or someones home once a month all year long and it goes over real well.

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RE: nude house party

I think that this is a great idea and one that nudists in many well populated areas could take. Anywhere there is a density of people where there are a few nudists who can get together, the real issue is just leadership. Will someone who has a desire to do it make it happen and where will it take place. I also know that a group in Wisconsin has connected with a hotel and set up an full overnight by negotiating for the hotel space - pool and all. So a meeting could use a house but could also use some other space as well. Thanks for the conversation!

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RE: nude house party

Please folk. if you're thinking of a private gathering at someone's home, there are some ramifications that have happened. The worse case scenario....someone has had a bit too much to drink and has a bad auto accident.EVERYONE at the event can get sued. That's the one reason if it's a nonlanded club under the auspices of AANR and/or TNS, you have the umbrella of an organization that can help in case of problems.
Just something to think about.

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RE: nude house party

The drink-drive issue is the same for any sort of party, be it nudist or otherwise. I've been going to nudist house parties for many years, and holding them. We've never had any issues along these lines arise, just be sensible, car-share with a designated driver, take turns to fill this role, not everyone drinks alcohol, get a cab, stay somewhere nearby...
Sure, its easier to say this for parties held in urban environments, the ones I go to are both in towns and the country. Common sense avoids it being a problem, whether people are nudists or textiles.

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