Nude Wrestlers

A group for anyone interested in wrestling nude for fun or watching others.

Hey from Belgium

Any Belgians here?

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Who was on the wrestling team in school?

I was on the wrestling team in high school from freshman year to graduation. I could fill this page with just half of the awesome stories from those years. This is for you guys who wrestled ether in high school or university. I would like to hear any...

Looking for new mates into wrestling gear

Hi, Love this group! I just wanted to say hi to everyone in the group. Would love to welcome new friends :) Especially those interested in getting fit, nude. I love wearing wrestling singlets :) Col.

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Central Florida

Anyone else have this passion? Male or female, the struggle is amazing.

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Brothers nude wrestling

My brothers and I grew up nudist with my dad and all being jocks certainly had a lot of nude wrestling matches in the living room or back yard! Hell still do sometimes! Anyone else grow up with nudist brothers like this?


I'd love to watch some matches sometime

Looking for UK guys to wrestle

Hi Looking for guys in the UK who want to wrestle. 1 on 1 discreet sessions. I have photos etc (I will get round to uploading some also!) Genuine guy. Safe sane and discreet. Thanks.

Naked oil wrestling

I love naked oil wrestling! Once per year there is a club in Amsterdam which organized oil wrestling party. Does anyone know if there are more clubs in Europe? I would like to meet more people who like oil wrestling

Interestimg video

It starts off as oiled up nude wrestling and turns into porn later. Forget the name of the company or site but it's nice stuff

Indiana wrestlers anywhere?

I would love to try this with people close in age to me! I'm 23 and am moving to Indiana really soon and will have some down time so

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