Nude Wrestlers

A group for anyone interested in wrestling nude for fun or watching others.

Naked oil wrestling

I love naked oil wrestling! Once per year there is a club in Amsterdam which organized oil wrestling party. Does anyone know if there are more clubs in Europe? I would like to meet more people who like oil wrestling

Anybody ant to teach a newb in Anaheim, CA

Always wanted to get into wrestling, but nobody near by knows how, really. I mean, like someone who has been on a team or at least knows proper technique and such. Any body near by?

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Nude wrestling with women.

Any of you had a chance to fight with a women?Can any of the ladies were in the mood for a fight with me?

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Nottingham UK wrestling

Hi anyone local interested in wrestling naked?

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Atlanta Area Wrestlers: Jockstrap/Lube...

I know this is not naked wrestling but Mr. SouthEast Rubber is hosting a jockstrap lube wrestling evening. Folks will bid to wrestle with a local "celebrity/volunteer". The lube wrestling is a long of fun.

Brasilian Wrestlers

Hello wrestlers!!! Are there some brasilian wrestlers??? Algum wrestler brasileiro por aqui??? Hugs!!!

Wrestling Opponents

Hi, keen to establish contact with guys who would be interested in safe, sane, discreet nude wrestling sessions. Based in London / SE but also travel a bit for work so can also do meets at hotel etc.Safe, genuine guy!


Hey! I'm Italian, 44 y.o., reasonably in shape. Am looking for other guys into nudism who also like wrestling. Am not too technical - just like it for fun, like between friends. Can host in Italy and South of France, and often travel abroaf...

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To wrestle with a Non-Wrestler

I'm fascinated of wrestling and the Bodys of wrestler. I'm a muscle-worshiper and like to worship all fit, big and muscular men. I have a normal Body by regular swim- training and extensive bicycle-hikes. This makes not a wrestle-body. But I...

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Atlanta Wrestling

Wrestling for a year now, often ends up nude with or without erotic component. Gay and straight, all men. Nothing too serious, usually laughing throughout the matches. Tests of strength, getting each other into holds and enjoy the struggle of trying...

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