For thin, lean, emaciated, or skinny nudists who are envied by others but are shy about themselves in public. You need to be rewarded with love for your self-control, or with money if you're unemployed and can't afford food.

Too skinny, too sad.

Hey, I'm Diego, I'm 18yo and I am very skinny. My height is 173cm (5'6") and my weight is 50kg (105lbs). I noticed I'm skinny but it was normal to me. Once, I went to a public pool and I was taking a sun bath when some people...


Hey, my name is Diego and I am 18yo. Add me on Snapchat: diegoalejorm Also I have a nudist group on Whatsapp. Write me +573204541069

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I'm Thin Too....

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Skype, Snapchat, Whatsapp Group for nudists

Hey, I'm Diego, I'm 18yo and I created a nudists group on Whatsapp. Write me to +573204541069 and I'll add you to the new group. Naked hugs for all. My SKYPE username is diegoabogota and my SNAPCHAT is diegoalejorm

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Genetics (Marfan syndrome) and being thin

I have a genetic connective tissue disorder (Marfan syndrome, referred to as 'Marfans Syndrome' in the US) which many tall, thin people have, and quite possibly a few on this site as well, as some have the typical Marfan look and build (long...

What Is Considered Thin

Well, I have always been 6 foot and 150 pounds and thus have always considered myself thin. Mostly genetics is the reason although I do want my calorie intake and burn each day. Anyone else have any ideas on this?

Fat is the "norm" these days !

It is said that two-thirds of the American publicare overweight. I'm thankful, at age 65, thatI am six-foot three and 170 pounds. I'm not bragging....just thankful. Part of it is genetic predisposition. Part of it is getting off my ass and...

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Hi- Do they bother you? comments that is-- I was self conscious as a kid and teased so much that I never wore shorts or short sleeved shirts...Not that I am past 60 and still trim folks make PLEASANT comments on my shape.....and I am most flattered....

hey guys

HOw is everyone ? Is anyone on kik ?

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What a fantastic group. Scanning through it's great to see skinny guys not afraid to show off their bodies. I've always been a skinny one, and though I'd love to have a few more muscles, have decided not to let my skinniness stop me from...

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