Teachers That Are Nudists

a place for teachers who are nudists can meet other teachers and blow off steam


I did a lot of tutoring of math to kids with ADHD, professionals who had need to advance their needs for math, and had a lot Of success success with them on a one on one basis. For the most part, I did not talk to parents or the people I tutored...

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keeping secret

As a teacher, have you ever had trouble as the result of a student, parent or other person discovering your nudist ways?

Proud teacher and nudist

Hello to all members of this group! alzorro2002 at Skype, and Louis Colon in Facebook.

ALICE training

Our school had ALICE training yesterday to discuss the event of a shooter in the building. Running through the building with a hundred other teachers and staff during the simulations was quite an experience. How many of you have had that training and...

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https://www.facebook.com/william.oone add me on facebook or yahoo as willyonei81234

Port Macquarie/Wauchope NSW Aust.

I teach senior years - 11/12 Software Design & Development and Information and Digital Media VET. I love being naked at every opportunity and would love to meet up with other teachers in this area to socialise or what ever come about. Let me know if...

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Artist and art teacher

Hi my name is Fernando, 50 yo artist and art teacher in Ventura county, Californian. USA. Looking for nudist teachers to echange stories. alwaysnude45@yahoo.com and alwaysnude45 in Skype.

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trials of a naked teacher

I would so much like to have people (fellow teachers) give their views of the closed minds of the political establishment school districts and such on nudism,if it got out you were a nudist or even posted photos of yourself could find you on the...

Support Staff at School

I am a Child and Youth Worker and I have been a for four years and my part time job found pictures that were copy from here to another site and it took 8 weeks to work it out. Good thing my school did not see them

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