Smoothie's With No Tan Lines

nudist who like the smooth look and like a all over tan sans clothes...

total smoothies needed

getting to that point of being totally smooth is a stepping stone for most of us where we go from a landing strip to a smooth crotch area than for the guys the chest area/back and seems legs/butt area is last - darn you gals got it made. let's...

being seen smooth first time

how comfortable were you the first time others sawyou smooth and how old were you. and not running around the woods or pond skinnydipping before puberty ...

Permanent smoothie

I am just wondering how many naturists decided to be a permanent smoothie using laser or/and electrolysis? I can see that it is quite popular method of removing hairs in our days.

Wife doesn't like it!

I absolutely love being smoothie. However, my wife HATES it. She has said grow hair and look like a man. ????? What does hairpubes have to do with manliness? This has been a contentious issue between us for along time. Anyway, to preserve my...


Hey, my name is Diego and I am 19yo. Add me on SNAPCHAT: diegoalejorm Also I have a nudist group on WHATSAPP. Write me +573204541069 INSTAGRA: diegoarevollom

why only part way

i have been smooth in different stages of smoothness for the past 20 year or so and now being totally smooth i wonder what took me so long. for a long time i did everything but my legs but several summers ago even the leg hair went and i never let it...

Jemand aus Deutschland hier?

Hallo, ist jemand aus Deutschland hier? Waere schoen neue Leute kennen zu lernen.Nackte Gruesse, JAN

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nacked group

thank you for being added to this group, I like the way I am ...

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