Hiking Nudist / Sitting In The Wood

Fellow nudist who enjoy hiking through the woods, along a riverbank or a narrow path.

Hiking nude

Hi all....Tell me your stories about hiking nude and encountering others dressed on the trail......would like to share experiences.

night time walk

HI, new here and trying to see how this works. Anyway, I usually take a 3 mile walk in the mornings,nude and sometimes barefoot. Did the loop once tonight for a little over a mile. Just subbed a headlamp for sunscreen so I could see in the wooded...

Anyone in my area want to join me on a naked...

I am looking to go hiking naked of course, this afternoon. I could start as early as 2:30 and as late as 4pm. I am in Calabasas but could travel within reason especially north. Hope to have someone e join me. Matt

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PA nude hikes

Anyone around NEPA or central PA lookingto do some nude hiking?

Sycamore Creek, Arizona

2016-10-29 Saturday was a good day at Sycamore Creek except that there were only 6-8 people there. It had been several years since I was there. Just had to hike up to the main swimming hole, which was empty due to the drought in Arizona. Since it had...

sneaking out of the house

Background firstI started sleeping naked at 13, and would put my pajamas back on to go pee and then go down to breakfast. But by the next summer it was getting hot and we did not have air conditioning in the house, so I would put the briefs on and go...


May be one of the last few days with easy off shorts here in NY

Florence Arizona Hike tomorrow

I posted this invitation yesterday on my home page, but it must have been too much text to all show there. I scheduled this hike for the Meet-Up group 'Phoenix Nudist and Naturist' yesterday too. Thought I should invite my nudefriends here in...


pg 12, this mean nothing but the last photo posted to main page, it took me a 1/2 hour to find last week picture posted. keep sending the as they are ALL great outdoor pictures.

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