When using the forums, please follow the following rules.1. Be polite, even during controversial topics, name calling is not necessary or constructive.2. No promoting products or services on the forum.3. Please keep the forum non-sexual. No erotic...

Nudist photographer wanted

Hello fellow users,We are currently looking for Nudist photographers. Specifically Nudist photographers with a portfolio of photos they would like to contribute. The photos will be used for the site as well as for advertising. The photographer must...

Bare Burro 5K Olive Dell Ranch

Olive Dell Ranch is hosting the annual Bare Burro 5K Race this Sunday 4/10/ will be there participating. Feel free to come by and say Hi!Good luck to those running as it can be a tough run.Hope to see you there and stay...

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Non-Certified (non-friend) users can...

A new feature (or at least one I just noticed) under status from the TN home screen is called View System. Clicking on it allows you to see who has viewed your profile, including if they viewed any pictures from the gallery. By looking at this...

Just a heard of some study that said most...

if the 2nd phrase in the opening chapter was..... And then the murders began. Here are a few from titles I have laying around. Do you know what books? It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen and then the murders...

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Is it safe to post my nude pics here?

I just uploaded a profile pic but after minutes i got regret and removed it. Is it safe to post my naked pics here? Im worried i find them on other sites and my family or friends see them.

June 9th

In town for biz and heading there the evening of June 9th - Please message me privately if you will be there or want to tell me anything about it (never been to that Korean Spa but others).

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Hi we've called the group Mature naturists Do members prefer to be called naturists or nudists or does it really matterThoughts please

New Here

We've just joined this group and look forward to engaging in discussions with other members. Hope to chat soon! Diane and Dennis

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