This group is for those who are enrolled in any college or university and want to share their nudist experiences.

WNBR Portland, Oregon - June 23, 2018!

Just announced, the World Naked Bike Ride - Portland, Oregon will be held Saturday, June 23rd this year. This is the largest WNBR by far. Thousands of people participate. There are several nude rides before the main event. The main ride begins at...

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ALL-NUDE Screening of HUMP! Film Festival --...

Ticket link for our all-nude screening of the HUMP! Film Festival has now been added. BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE: Event details with be updated with pre/after party details soon. In the meantime, BUY...

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Gym Class

I think that maybe would be awesome that in the high school, the coach put all the boys on the lockeroom to a nude class about male puberty and body changes. It would stop the bullies and jokes about different body and break some tabus about nudity...

Naked Binge Watching House of Cards

Naked party binge-watching the entire 3rd season of House of Cards.Sunday, 3/1,9am-1am, with a break from 17.00-20.00.West Hollywood, California.Message me for address and details.

Any nudists in colleges in Europe?

Hi, I am between Paris and near London (Warwick U.). I have yet to find college nudists in Europe. Hit me up with a reply. Perhaps there are many of us around, we just don't know each other yet.

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Funny story

In one of my classes, the professor handed out a survey asking the class to give reasons why they wanted to have the test in class or online (accessible from anywhere). The class voted for online because its obviously easier. Then, the professor read...

Pennsylvania Nudists

Anyone attending college in PA? (Yeah, I know this group is pretty inactive, but worth a try maybe)

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by Stagboy 
Skype Group Chat

Hi, thought that it would be nice to have a group chat conference on Skype with nudists in our age. If anybody is interested you can add me. Skype: tisp94 See you, Marvin ;)

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How do all handle nudity while living with a...

I am always dressed in front of my roommate and I don't plan on bringing up nudity. Of course, that doesn't stop me from sleeping naked. I have gotten good at getting dressed and undressed under the covers. I like mornings where I wake up and...

ETSU nudist

I have made it to ETSU and have already started. So if anyone is a nudist from ETSU let me know please

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