Tattooed Nudist

Nudists with tattoos

Needing more!

Hi,I have three tattoos to date, and each time have been left wanting more and and more. Got several design ideas up my sleeve (no pun intended) just wondered if anyone else has this urge to just get more ink?!

Tattoos that either secretly say your a...

I got my first tattoo and it has nudity in it :-) I wanted it to be a symbol of many things I am so I planned it out almost deciously~

Show Your Tattoo's

Hello All I have started a new group called "Show Your Tattoo's" simply search for it and send a request to join, once you have been approved upload a photo of any tattoo's you have and would like to share with others.See you there....

Where was the last one

on another thread somebody was asking where was your first tattoo and why. Well my first was when 14 and being an ink virgin the where and why is irrelevant.So that got me thinking,what was ur last and why? Mine was nipple tats covering up previous...

Butt Tattoo

Hey all,Can anyone refer me to a tattoo artist in Chicago who would tat my butt? Had a guy who was willing but he left city. Some artists just wont go near crotch/butt. Guess I would almost prefer a gay artist.

When did you get your first tattoo and why

I got my first tattoo 3 years ago I said I would never get one my wife got one 2 years before me and as a nudist I would have something on beside a smile


tried posting all of my tattoos (5) not many, but still. no luck yet, does it take awhile to show up, or are pics of tats not cool in at tattoo group????

Just joined the group

Hi guys and gals, just joined this group.

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Intimate Tattoo

Is it only me that have a intimate tattoo? Or is there any one else?And did you think it hurt?


I neverhad the desire to have any tats until I turned fifty and then I asked the bride if she would like to get a devotion tat and she said yes. Well that was the beginning I went from one small devotionto now at age 66 I have just a few more and if...

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