Backyard Nudists

This is a group for those who may be Home Nudists or those who cannot always get to a Nudist Colony, Camp, or Resort and therefore take things into their own backyard! Whether your backyard is private enough or not, perhaps you lay out nude, skinnydip, garden, or mow the lawn, this group is for you!

Caught outside naked

I live on a dead street by the lake in a seasonal area, many of my neighbors don't return until the first of May until today, lol. I had to put front brakes on my car, naked of course. Before I could move, one of my neighbors drove by and seen me...

Question from AANR twitter account

What have you done to make your back yard nude friendly. I've planted shrubs that in the last few years have finally grown tall enough to block most of the views into the yard and I still have only one narrow strip where I can be nude.

Waiting For Winters End

Finally, it's supposed to be in the low 50's next week. If the wind dies down, we'll finally be able to do some nude sun bathing on the back patio. 50 doesn't sound like much, but at our altitude, (9500') the sun is quite intense....

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Critters in the back yard...

I really enjoy wandering about the back yard during the early morning and late evening, but...does anyone else encounter 'critters' in the back yard? I have found a 60" corn snake, a 12" ring neck snake, a 24" black snake...

Morning coffee

It sure was nice to be able to enjoy my morning coffee naked on the patio. Hope the rest of the day goes by just like this.

Minor home repairs

Our front door latch started jamming, so I bought a replacement. This morning I was able to install the new latch, but it required a bit of surgery on the doorjamb. The new latch rode about an eighth of an inch lower than the old one, so I had to...

Drone flies over nudist's yard

They're everywhere now.

Latest Post

love to sunbath and sit in the garden i bit risky might be seen by next door but adds to the fun

Nude in the backyard

We go nude in the backyard as much as possible, love the sun on our bums! Tony and Linda

Semi private patio

I'm in the process of building a privacy fence around my back yard patio, just tall enough to afford privacy while nude in a lounge chair, and just short enough to still feel open to the outdoors. It's completed enough to use at night, which...

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